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Choosing the Right Digital Dictation Equipment

Traditionally, Digital Audio Dictation has been recorded on professional dictation recorders made mainly by Olympus, Phillips and Grundig. More recently, many professionals have adopted smartphone and tablet apps as their primary recording option.

Our software supports all professional digital dictation equipment and other methods such as iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

We provide iPhone and Android apps.

Whatever method is right for your business we will establish a simple, low cost but highly effective and secure transfer workflow for your staff.

There are many advantages and disadvantages to consider when choosing the right equipment for outsourcing typing and we are happy to advise you.

Best Value Online Purchasing

For comprehensive advice and the most competitive pricing on all digital audio recording solutions, we highly recommend http://www.dictaphones.co.uk/Articles.asp?ID=261&Click=1497


All of our typing services provide customers with 100% foolproof back ups of digital audio files before they are removed from recording devices and access to online storage of the recordings for three months after they are transferred.

Other Equipment and Internet Access

When making a decision on what recording devices to use, you will need to consider how reliable and accessible your computers are and the quality of your internet access. PC based solutions reduce mobility and therefore can increase turnaround times. Smartphone apps allow immediate transfer either over WIFI or the network data allowance.