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Interview Transcription

Various verbatim styles, ideal for PACE interviews, academic research, HR disciplinary and similar, and mobile consultants

For fast, secure digital transcription, word for word or by summary, contact us today for an immediate quote. We routinely transcribe police interview tapes and other covert surveillance recordings.

Offering electronic dictation & transcript services. If you are looking for assistance with transcribing interviews & to outsource your typing please call

  • Police station interview tapes
  • Mobile telephone recordings
  • Videos
  • Disciplinary proceedings

We are experts in extracting, processing and converting analogue and digital media.

  • Digital to VHS conversion for use in prisons etc. 
  • VHS to digital
  • Removal of time track channels
  • Have your analogue tapes transcribed, converted to digital and made available for secure encrypted download by 3rd parties