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Freedom Dictation is unique. We only recruit typists who can demonstrate at least 5 years experience as legal secretaries and can provide appropriate references. Typists wishing to work with us are required to be vetted and go through a period of training and mentoring before they can work on customer accounts. All typists are self employed and required to sign contracts establishing confidentiality, data protection requirements and service levels. If you are interested in finding out more, please complete the information below.

Briefly confirm at least 5 years experience working as a legal secretary by providing details of where you worked and for how long to cover this minimum period. This only needs to be brief if you are providing a C.V.
Please state as many telephone contact numbers as you wish and indicate when you are likely to be available.
Please tick to confirm you have read our privacy policy. We want to make sure you fully understand why we collect your contact details and how they will be used and stored.